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My Top Five Social Media tips

Ah Social Media! A phrase we hear so much about today. The power it holds.
Are we becoming addicted to Social Media forms and its uses?

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I want to make the most of my time on Social Media.
I don't just want to be on, join it, or use it "just because".
I want to use these tools with a clear purpose.
As I was going through my emails today I noticed several things, first I want to share I have 3 emails.
One is for personal use and two for business, so it's a little time consuming when you have to sort through some crap to get to the treasures. I have a system, I check my emails 3 times a day and invest about 40 minutes tops. If you don't grab my attention on preview, I'm gone. Which led me to think of this post.

I've shared in the past my experience on Face Book facebook-who-cares-i-dont and my lack of interest for it still today.
I really don't want to crap on this form of connecting and networking but it just isn't for me.

So what are my Five tips?

-Options: Give your readers and potential followers at least three options in which they can follow you. You can't go wrong with the Email option so at least add that.
-Sharing: Here again provide at least three options and don't make me have to sign up or fill out some form to do so. Take a few extra seconds and go to your settings to set up your restrictions but don't make me jump through hoops to leave you a comment or to share something good you have posted. This is for your benefit.
-Pictures: If you want to share personal pictures, moments etc...make sure they are in good taste and clear. Blurry pictures, extra dirty kitchen, disheveled people, bathroom pics, are not attractive. These pictures will be out there forever, do you really want to show a crazy looking picture of your kitchen mess to prove a point of before and after? Does everyone need to see your kid sitting on the potty?
-Less is More: You really don't have to let us know what you are doing every second of the day.
Give me time to miss you and wonder what you are up to.
-Monetizing: For those who want to earn some cash while they Blog, great for you! But please don't just endorse everything that comes your way. When we choose to endorse something our reputation is attached, please think long term and be selective. Also please make sure your page looks appealing. A Blog page filled with pop ups and ads does not make me want to stop and read what you have to say or even look at what your selling. Think classy, think high end. Do you shop at a store that looks like a Hurricane hit it?

What do you think? Any tips on Social Media you would like to share?

Always stress free xo.

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