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My adventures with Consignment & Thrift Shopping

Hey lovelies! This I had to share. I only speak about things I have tried and or use. I don't endorse or advertise as you can tell by my ads free Blog. I have yet to find what I am willing to attach my brand to.

A few months ago as I web browsed I came across this site called Thredup. It's a site where people sell their gently used clothes, shoes, bags, etc.. It reminded me of a clothes swap type of party I attended over a year ago. It was so much fun we had play money and a mini fashion show. Everyone bought a dish to share and some gently used items they wanted to get rid of. I had heard of this before but never put forth effort to try and was very happy when I finally did.
I came away with so much great stuff for free!!! High end items and regular items but all in awesome condition.

So when I found this site I signed up so I can take a look. What a great find! Since for some time now I have been practicing being a minimalist giving-up I thought this site would be a good venue to try when it came to adding some new pieces to my closet at an affordable price. I hit the jackpot and then some. My first purchase was a total of 11 items for $70.00!!! Yes you read correctly that was the total including taxes and shipping cost. I found awesome Nine West suede flats, Steve Madden calf boots, Express pullover sweater just to name a few. Here's a pic see for yourself.

The shoes had no marks, no bends, heels were in fantastic condition. I couldn't believe that these were gently used items. Now I know some may say "oh used shoes?" but trust me I am the first germ a phobe. I took a few cotton balls dipped in Clorox squeezed and wiped, but it wasn't needed because the insides were in store quality condition as well. To me it was as if my girlfriend cleaned out her closet and I won a prize.

The tops were just as awesome no snags, tears, runs, nada! No discoloration or stretches. Perfect. I was so impressed when box arrived and have been even more since wearing my pieces here and there so much so I just placed another order for 14 items at $100.00 as a Spring treat. These are some of the pieces that just came in.

The skirts I happened to grab up rang from Anne Klein, Ann Taylor, Zara, INC.,an Express dress I picked up some jeans and work tops as well. Then last week I grabbed these dresses for $40.00 Old Navy, Apart, Urban Mango.

I prefer solids so that I can play around with accessories and colors but I thought I would get out of comfort zone and try something new. Most of these new pieces can be worn year round except for some exceptions which is even more of a bang for my bucks!

So I would say I did pretty good and I am very happy I gave Thred Up a try. I know there are numerous other sites and spots as well so why not do some research and give it a shot. I love my imaginary BFF's closet for sure.

Have you tried consignment store shopping? How about Thrifting? Would you throw a Clothes Swap party?

Always stress free xo.

Happy Easter!

A New York City Winter