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Pinterest hack- Whipped Coconut Green Tea Moisturizer

It's official, I am late to the party but I am now all about Coconut Oil!!! After years of loving all things Coconut and reading and hearing about its other beneficial uses I finally decided to listen and give it a try. My lil mama for months has been advocating we go more natural and get rid of certain products we still use in our shower and personal care regimen. I have slowly been cooperating but I still was a bit hesitant to get rid of my shaving creams / gels. Also I didn't want to stop using my Aveeno facial moisturizer and Sally Hanson nail growth products. My nails were awesome a few months back then they slowly began to chip and break. 

So I agreed to start slowly and found a site called Thrive Market that sells organic products at great prices to its members but I got in on a free trail. I ordered 2 coconut oil jars for $14.00 and 1lb jar of raw honey for$10.00. Then I moved on to looking for information on nails and shaving uses and found loads of stuff next was moisturizers. The Internet and Pinterest are full of information. I found what I thought is doable and here we are.

So my share is Whipped Coconut and Green Tea find at Pinterest, Mari's version.
-medium cooking pot
-microwaveable cup
-coconut oil
-green tea
-mason jar 
-coffee filter

The find on Pinterest called for double boiler and cheese clothe I don't use those things and was not about to purchase them so instead I used a medium pot with water and a ceramic coffee cup inside filled with half the jar of coconut oil on medium heat. As it melted I added the contents of the 1 bag of green tea inside and mixed with a spoon. When everything was melted I removed from stove and set to the side.

In the sink, which I always find is safest and easiest confined place to mix, pour etc...I had my mason jar and coffee filter ready to go. I placed filter over the jar opening and pushed it down enough so I can carefully pour the mixture. I used a spoon to help with filtering process. When I was done I twisted the filter enough to squeeze excess oil out and used twisted filter to moisturize my hands, lips, elbows and feet (put on some toasty socks).

I started this mini project after 9pm so I let it sit overnight and in the morning got up and whipped it with a fork for a few minutes. The oil had turned slightly more solid perfect enough for my whipped choice effect. The picture shows the process and my bare face as well ready to try something new! Will keep you posted. I will be using this as well as just regular none mixed coconut oil for my nails to see if helps with growth. I did notice a smoother look in my cuticles the next morning for sure.

I used Olive oil dear-pimple-thanks-for-ruining-my-day for about a month to clean my face and found it worked wonders so I am really looking forward to all the awesomeness of Coconut oil. So I will use my whipped moisturizer for a month and see how that plays out. I was nervous about the oil factor since I have T-zone oily issues some times but it was not a problem at all. I actually found that I had reduction of oiliness during the day!

I will share pictures of my results as I see the changes appear. What are some of your coconut oil uses? What are your thoughts on the coconut oil craze?

Always stress free xo.

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