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My Top Five favorite You Tube Makeup Tutorial channels

Since its Fashion Week in NYC 
I thought it fun to share something I've been working on for a minute.

Thursday's Treat! Makeup!!!

For someone who barely wears any makeup this post is a first and its new territory for me. I love nature I love all things quick and easy and for many years I just never found the need or wanted to invest the time on wearing too much makeup of any kind. I love Mascara and Eyeliner and I'll be sharing my favs on Mascara soon but this summer I branched out into bold Lipsticks! I wanted to have some fun and accent my tan and my smile so I jumped in and tried a few looks what do you think? Looking forward to my Fall collection lol.

While I searched for ideas I found these great women. Natural, down to earth, relateable issues that most women deal with. They offer sooo many options, so easy to follow and fun to watch for sure. This is my opinion I am not getting anything out of it but the joy of sharing something fun.

Sea Mora     


Let me know what you thought, did you bond with any of them, did you find something you can't wait to try or did you find them a bit too much? All in fun.

Always stress free xo

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