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DIY Succulent Plant life Extravaganza!

DIY Succulent Plant life Extravaganza!

Hey everyone! I am very excited to share my latest upgrade to my love for all things Succulent plants. In the past I shared my




 this time around I am sharing what I have done to make the most of my apartment windows. All the materials come from either Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Michaels, Target, Home Depot or just a regular 99 cents store.

I am a huge fan of doing the most with recycled material or low cost items. I only splurge in big items such as Sofa's or mattresses within reason. These things are used on a daily so you can't be too frugal. I was excited to take this project on because I just love working with my hands and watching my visions come to life so lets begin!!!

First if some of the pics are too dark my apologies, my apt lighting really is terrible and the sun wasn't shining as bright as I would have hoped. I didn't want to use my flash and risk bounce of reflection. So this first pic is my kitchen window. I used left over wood planks I bought for my grandma's bed last summer and had a friend cut them down to fit my window sill. I Googled pics and checked out Pinterest for ideas. I will list all supplies as I move along.

I have a variety of plants working together to make this a happy home. They work well together require about the same attention and little effort. 

I have my Air plants in small candle holders and the large center one is in an upside down plastic Tropicana juice bottle I cut up in oval shape and viola!

The bowls I've had for a while now from my Terrarium project those I got from Petland Discount, they are fishbowls. The teardrop Air plant holders I picked up a set of four some time back on Amazon.

 These white planters I purchased at target for less that $6.00 on sale plus they can hang on the wall and the shape is beautiful, not typical round shape. I have Mother in law right along with Aloe Vera which I picked up at Home Depot again, on sale.

So this brown color boat like planter I recycled from a Prune juice bottle! I googled diy plastic planters and tons of stuff came up. I used scissors, a marker and a X Acto knife to shape and create. I drilled two mini holes for drainage. The green tubs are from Family Dollar.

The plant hangers I made with help from a tutorial I am sharing link below. I used yarn from sale bin at Michaels. The hooks come from Home Depot. I played around with the measurements that worked for me, that is the fun of DIY!

These planters came from the Dollar Tree & Family Dollar. They are actually dishes and vases.

This is one of my bedroom windows, I only did one shelf here to keep things please to my eye and space. I added some new Bamboo plants to my Meditation mantle, I got these at my 99 cents store. The vase is actually a large Bounce fragrance bead plastic bottle I recycled.

I did the yarn project for an optional fun way to display my Air plants. I used the corn starch but I found it wasn't necessary so on my second batch which are the white ones below I skipped that step. This was so much fun, glue all over the hands! Like when you are in third grade lol.

Ok so this collage has my current stash of propagation, I have an Aloe Vera leaf which I have tried several times and it never works. I've tried rooting powder and honey methods...NADA but going to give it another try and see maybe third times the charm. I have a Mother in law or Snake plant leaf cutting, those work. My small dish has 2 or 3 of a variety of my big succulents and those are coming along great. I shared link on how to. I made myself a small suspended shelf on my kitchen wall from left over supplies so I can also display my Air plants some times.

One my table you will see yarn (Michaels), plastic bowls (local 99 cent store), stones (99 cent store or Dollar store) and Succulent soil (Home Depot). Below are the links to some of the tutorials I used. Sometimes I watch more than one and combine the methods. I say your creation your home, your way.

I bought some new plants this year and added some Cactus I used this site 


 for my purchase. The prices were awesome! You can also go to Etsy but the prices are not as low.

Well loves I hope you enjoyed my share. I don't take pics as I go along with a lot of my projects because I just love being in the moment of doing my projects. To stop and take pics or video takes away from my creative flow. But I will try moving forward to try and share more. I just redid my storage & shoe closet I'll see if I do a how to with that. Enjoy, have fun creating in your own space and if you would like to try something I shared feel free to email me and I will be happy to help you along.

Always stress free xo


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