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A Princess Dream

For all the so called “Royal Watchers” out there, this post may piss you off. I am very tired of watching Prince William and his wife Kate's lives unfold on television almost on a daily. Last week it was about three days of the Baptism watch.

I continue to be amazed at how many people actually care about this Prince and Princess fairy tale.
The only Prince and Princess stories I want to continue to see are in Disney films.

The idea of a Prince rescuing you from a dreadful life or the White picket Fence fantasy. The whole Castle and Carriage, is all pretty on screen and in plays or in a book but it is not true to life.
The dress up phase our kids go through with the gowns and swords are priceless memories and great for pictures but I don't feel that is the message I want my daughter or nieces to believe in long term.

Relationships take Effort, Communication and Commitment.
He won't always be so sweet and behave in the kindest way and she won't always be so calm and soft spoken. He will leave his work clothes on the bathroom floor she will trip over it and perhaps yell. She will make plans and ruin his football Sunday.  That is reality.

I think perhaps we should dedicate more time and effort in the teaching of reality than engaging in the encouragement of a fairy tale.
Every time our kids play dress up or see stories like the ones I mentioned above remind them it is not realistic, at least not in the form they are seeing it and in the sense we after all live in the United States of America and that Prince William at the end of the day is "just" a man and Kate is "just" a woman. These are just titles and that their life styles are very different than those of mommy and daddy.

Don’t get me wrong I myself have used and still use especially Princess or Queen in connection to my niece or even in reference to myself, after all my last name in English translation is Crown, but when I use those words they are more as a term of endearment and not as a label of who we are or our roles in society.

What is your take? Should we continue to encourage our daughters to believe that someday their Prince will come or should we say that we hope someday am amazing man who loves and respects them, treats them as their equal and will be supportive crosses their path?

Happy Halloween!!

Are you raising a Follower or a Leader?