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Can you keep a Secret?

This post idea came from conversations and shares with my daughter, Erica whom I love and respect immensely and value her opinion and thoughts..

Has anyone ever approached you with those words and right away your mind starts to go all sorts of places?
Do you think it is easier to keep a secret when you’re younger or older?
Do you believe in different degrees of secrecy?

My daughter and I were engaged in one of our many nights of lengthy conversation when the subject of secrets came up.
We exchanged our views and bought up some topics and discussed in depth the difference in view among children and their parents and friends and family.

She shared with me that over her eighteen years she has held on to a few secrets her friends have shared over the years, some going back as far as sixth grade. Can you imagine that, sixth grade?
She informed me that she believes unless someone is being harmed or they are harming themselves no one should break the trust given to you of a secret.

To her that includes if a friend cheated on her boyfriend, smoked a cigarette, cut class, engaged in sexual activity, cheated on a test or lied to a parent.
She shared that the level of secrets kids keep from their parents are and can be endless but that for the most part are things that with time solve themselves.

I came away with the thought that we as parents must do the best job possible so that our children know right from wrong as early as possible and that we always maintain the lines of communication open so when these times of "secret revelations" come up in their lives they know how to deal with the information properly. They are able to judge accordingly and be a true good friend.

I am proud of my daughter I know she is a very loving and giving human being. I also know she is smart and responsible, so because I know these things I am not bothered at all that she has secrets. I respect that she shared her thoughts with me.
I think it is healthy and normal and I appreciate that I can keep the ones I have of my own :)

So with that being said. Do you feel your children should share other people's secrets with you? Do you think children have no right to keep a secret from their parent? Do you feel secrets are a bad thing?

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