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Slowing your pace down to regroup, let's call it Hibernation Time

Reveal Thursday...

As I revealed last week I am a single mom and I have reentered the dating world.
One crucial part of engaging in that world is investing money on such things as clothing, dinners, movies, brunches, sightseeing, gas, transportation and so forth. A lady must be prepared for all things at all times.
All these things can put a dent on your budget if you live on one which I happen to as I am sure many of us have to as well.

So in taking stock this past weekend I realized I have spent way too much money these last few months on this activity and to replenish myself and my bank account I will be Hibernating this Winter.

What does that mean?
Well Bears hibernate in order to bypass harsh winter months that do not allow their food supply to be in abundance.  They use the summer months to prepare for the winter months snug indoors cozy, cuddly, sleeping all day.
So because I like the idea of being cozy, sleeping and cuddling at home I chose the concept of hibernation to describe what I will be doing for the next few months.

These are the things I hope to accomplish:
Save money
Challenge myself to learn something new every day
Catch up on reading some classics
Test my fearlessness
Explore my beautiful NYC , I have an amazing playground that I can indulge in for free if I just go out and look
Take my camera out for more walks more often
Invest more time with those I love
Enjoy the perks of cuddling up at home
Sharpen my cooking skills
Redecorate my home
Let my hair grow, again. I cut ten inches off to donate to Locks of Love over a year ago perhaps I can do that again for next April.
Watch some great shows I missed via Netflix
Focus more time and energy into my Yoga and meditation
Discover new ways to meet people that do not include food or alcohol

Don’t get me wrong obviously I can’t literally Hibernate as Bears do, I still have to go to work, socialize  and be an engaging parent  and by no means do I intend on not continuing to enjoy my dating adventures
all my hibernating behavior means is that in the coming months I will use other means as forms of entertainment and connection while building up my bank account and not disrupting my Budget.

Living on a Budget is not a great thing all the time but it is an amazing tool if you want to build a better future for yourself and your children.  It doesn't have to mean going without or doing less, it just means changing the way you think about things and using more of your available options.

Don’t try to live like the Jones’s because they may not be as happy as you are in your world. They may have a smile on their faces but a heavy burden to carry. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
I am getting my cave ready with all the goodies I will need. I will not keep my lessons to myself I will share of course, with you.

Here’s to Mari’s Hibernation season 

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