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Honey-mustard Chicken Cutlet Salad

Yesterday I had one of those days where I just wanted to come home and not have long fuss in the kitchen. I was hungry too so that didn't help. I had left some chicken out from the morning so that part was covered. Here is what it turned into.....

3 pieces of chicken thin sliced or strips
1 egg
1/2 cup or 1 cup (depending on amount of pieces) honey
1/2 cup or 1 cup mustard depends on your taste and amount of pieces
1 cup of plain bread crumbs
Any type veggie you like tomatoes, lettuce etc...amount depends on your serving needs
Parmesan Cheese
Croutons (although chicken is already breaded sometimes I like the added crunch)

Beat egg in a bowl add the honey and mustard. Drop the chicken pieces in let marinate for about 20 minutes (sometimes we can't spare 20 minutes so I just make a few slits on chicken so it grabs flavor)
Dip in bread crumbs, coat evenly.
Heat skillet on medium, light coating of olive oil enough to cook and give some color.
Places pieces in when oil is hot, cook each side about seven to ten minutes use your judgment.
Remove, let sit and when manageable cut into bit size pieces
In a separate bowl mix in your veggies
Add the chicken pieces to bowl of veggies season to your liking

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