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Being an Adult

Reveal Thursday.

First and foremost I want to wish all my family, friends and supporters an amazing Thanksgiving!! I want to say I am so grateful to have all those that truly matter in my life and for all the lessons this past year has taught me, Thank you. Every day is a blessing, go out and live your life!

I looked up the definition of an Adult, it said a person who was fully grown and developed, someone sensible and mature not childish.
I guess then that on paper I am totally an Adult but in spirit I am totally more childlike, but in a good way.
I love Candy, Cartoons, Tattoos, Motorcycles, Coloring books, Toys and all kinds of Music. I love Video games, social drinking and late nights out with friends. I love Colors and Nail polish and Amusement parks. I love the Ocean but can't swim; I love strolling in the park but can't ride a bike. I am always high but I have never done any drugs.

I took the test Dr. Oz had/has on his website that from your answers can tell you what your “Real” age is in body and mind. From what the results said my “Real” age is 32. Awesome! It puts me at ten years younger than my Birth Certificate.
I took Dr. Oz’s test on what is your real age and mine said Real age is 32.
Perhaps what has allowed me to parent as carefree as I have is having this mindset and this outlook. I have never forgotten what it was like or what it felt to be young heck I am young and no one can tell me otherwise.

I know a woman who always feels she has to remind me of my age (as if I am not aware) and better still she has to beat herself up about hers. She was my inspiration for this post.
Once I was sort of cruel because I commented that those that have a problem with ageing should not be around but it wasn't because I wanted to be cruel it was more of a speaking out loud observation. I have a strong belief that life is to be appreciated and lived as best possible and never taken for granted. But who am I to make such a statement.

Guess what I want to convey is don't knock me because I feel youthful because I have childlike tendencies and because I live life period. Don't be upset I am not on a countdown or that I watch everything I eat or do. Don't be mad I am not stuck or angry that my daughter is a vibrant young woman and enjoying her own life. I am living mine as well. I am not in competition with the young, I am in my own space, I had that time now this is just another time and I am still ready to explore and when I looked in the mirror today I was still that young vibrant spirit I was years ago and still was yesterday.

Perhaps she will continue to remind me, perhaps she will just stop one day and try things my way in any case…
Age is nothing but a number, you here it all the time; except for me it is the truth.

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