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No kids Allowed

Something I came across over this past summer and as I was having dinner the other night at a Latin restaurant it came to mind again.

A restaurant in Virginia has an adult’s only policy. Is that discrimination? Do I as a business owner have no right to set guidelines for my product? How it is used, who uses it, where etc…?

It has come across mixed reviews  some parents embrace the idea, enjoy the thought and totally would go for it other parents went as far as to bash the restaurant on Facebook, call for banning the place and so on. Really?

Do I as an adult, have no right to want to go to a place where no kids are around? Why should I because I am a mother feel I have the right to take my kid everywhere? This is where I say time and place for everything. If you want to have a quiet meal you should be able to. If place you want to try has certain policy and it doesn't meet your needs, move on to the next one. Everything is not discrimination.

Your choice to become a parent shouldn't be pushed on someone else. You made that choice they didn't. I have had many a wonderful dinners both with and without my daughter. She has had many opportunities to eat at both fancy and regular day food spots. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything but I have also enjoyed my dinners without her and that is fine too. I don’t feel bad for having time with the grownups.

Reminded me of my day at the Salon, Parents not everyone wants to be around kids even their own kids all the time. No big deal, Seriously.


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