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Over scheduled children

Watching my Boss run out of my office on Friday at 3:45 pm because he was driving his son to Long Island for a Baseball game and cursing under his breath as he did so made me want to write on this subject.

Baseball practice
Soccer meets
Dance class
Piano lessons
Football games
Debate team
Chess team
Language studies

This list can be endless and believe me when I share I have seen it.
I know several people whose children have a different activity every day aside from going to school.

One thing is not wanting our kids to sit in front of the television for long hours at a time, becoming over weight or too lazy to remain active in daily activities but another is to just fill the hours like they are building a resume.

Just as adults do, at least I feel need time to just take a breath and be still, kids need time to do nothing. Even in doing nothing they are doing something.
Their minds and bodies require rest and recharging after days of go go go.

When my daughter was in elementary school her hours were from 8 am to 3:15 pm, then an after school program till 5 or 6 pm when I got out of work. Tae Kwon Do classes were part of her after school and that was a big help plus she finished her homework there as well. By seventh grade she had the same hours but her work load had her doing homework till close to 7 pm. These changes meant having dinner in between those hours, then a shower and maybe interact with the family then bed time. Imagine adding more activities to that? Where would she have had the time? Where would genuine family interaction have occurred?

Why have we become a society of over scheduling? Why are so many families LIVING via a calendar? Funny enough I found this article in my save for later topics folder on my computer that speaks on this same topic. I will include it in my post so you can have a read.


I am always about stress free. I am always looking for a way to take things easy, so I ask… What are your thoughts? Should we keep filling our kid’s days with activities or should one of those activities be doing nothing?

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