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Quick & Easy Pizza

Thursday Reveal....

So my reveal today is I love Pizza, yeah who doesn't? I love Pizza but I don't want to order it, pick it up or make it from scratch that is unless it is easy and stress free.

When a girlfriend of mine shared with me a way that I could make Pizza  at anytime for under 20 minutes I was hooked. She said she couldn't believe I had never tried it. I explained to her I had never thought of it actually. Can you believe that? Please do, its the truth I never thought of it or even heard of what I am about to share....

Here goes

1- Slices of bread, English muffins or bagels (depends on your liking and amount depends on family size).
2- Sauce, whatever flavor or brand you like. I use Ragu Traditional when I want to keep simple.
3- Mozzarella Cheese already shredded is best saves you time but if you want to cut your on slices go right ahead!
4- Toppings, this time I used Pepperoni for my added topping but as always I say use what works best for you.

Lay out the slices, spread the sauce, add toppings and cheese. Place on a tray toast till cheese is melting and bread is crisp....DONE!!!!!
I got home tonight at 6:15 and by 6:35 we were eating. 

This is my idea of quick and easy. Here are some pics!!

No kids Allowed

Why are you Crying?