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Teach your son to be a Gentleman, please.

I am including a link to a Yahoo question I ran into a while back on my late night Google searches that allow me to stay current and help me with ideas.

So I read this article and said to myself, “Man are you serious?” I am always still amazed at how our society somehow works yet lacks certain key factors.
For instance, should teaching your son to be a Gentleman or your daughter to be a Lady not a given?

Are we not aware that our children will be grownups someday? Do we not want our children to be great partners to their significant others and great people in general?
Should we not teach our sons to open a door for a lady or hold it open till she goes through? Is that sexiest or courtesy? Would it be wrong to teach our sons to pull the chair so their date can sit? How about to open a car door? Should we not teach our sons to pay for a date and that dutch is really not the way to go on all occasions? Why would we not be teaching our sons to treat all women with the grandest respect, Always? To speak to them kindly and expect the same in return? Are we not as mothers their first role models?
In the same line of questions should we not be teaching our daughters how to accept and expect the above treatment?

Whether we label it being a Gentleman or a Lady, I label it manners and courtesy. If being a Gentleman or a Lady is out of style today, not required or expected then the society that our youngsters are building is really full of flaws.

What do you have to say? Antiquated labels? Expecting too much or too little? Teach this at home or let them figure it out on their own?

I am really glad I ran into this article, added fuel to my manners fire and I really am interested in knowing what others think.


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