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Pace yourself

It was not on my mind at the present time to be discussing such a matter but three things are going on that forced my hand.
1- Holidays are here; Christmas is a week away, which means everyone, is doing way too much.
2- A co-worker of mine informed me that they found something in one of her Breast, to close to rib cage that Mammogram can’t clear for them and she requires further testing.
3- Another friend this time male calls me to say “I am not feeling well, I have numbness in the right side of my head along with a cold feeling.” I was like call your Dr. ASAP!!!

As adults we always seem to put an immense amount of pressure on ourselves to perform at high speed in everything we do. Seems like the clock is always ticking and there is always something we can do to go just a little bit faster.

Every new gadget, every new and improved detergent everything is made with speed in mind.

As mommies we tend to go above and beyond the daddies in some cases, and if we are single parents; we carry the load times two (2).

The above mentioned got me thinking just how much we, as women neglect our health when at times the signs are right there in front of us. Frequent headaches, body aches, change in our behavior or our moods and so forth. Men may also be guilty of this but if they have a women around who cares about them rest assure they are on their backs about getting checked out.

I was reading about the five (5) most serious issues women could face and they were:
1- Heart disease
2- Breast cancer
3- Osteoporosis
4- Depression
5- Autoimmune diseases.

I am familiar with depression and osteoporosis because my mother has dealt with those issues. I know about autoimmune diseases because I have a few friends that have dealt or are dealing with this as I write. I lost a friend to a type of cancer and I know people who have loved ones that deal with heart disease. So as you can see we can all be touched in some way with these health issues.

In keeping with my stress free life style choice and my motto of Live, Love and Laugh I would like to ask all my wonderful mommies (and daddies) to please slow things down.
Stop and smell the roses sort of speak, take an extra few minutes; it could truly save your life.
Nothing and no one is worth you neglecting yourself.
We are good to no one if we are down and out, so we must come first.

I am including some links that can provide further information on what I have touched and can provide options that may best fit your circumstance or lifestyle.

What do you think? Do women neglect their health more than men, less than men or about the same?


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