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Forever Young

It is 9 pm and I just returned home from a visit with my grandma, had to bring her some things. As some of you may know I am the majority care giver for my 90 year old grandmother aside from her two (2) home attendants. One has been with her for over nine (9) years Monday thru Thursday, Fridays depends on availability. Saturday and Sunday attendant has been with us for about two (2) years. They are both wonderful, giving, loving women I would be lost without and my grandmother would no longer be with me if not for their service.

I have always been the biggest kid in the room, even in a room full of toddlers. I love to laugh, I love being playful and having fun. I am not a pouter or whiner or woe is me type personality.

Being involved in my grandmother’s life so deeply especially these past several years has made me appreciate my attitude even more. I appreciate memories, movement, expression and day to day just living a little more.

I mentioned memories because we have days she doesn't remember who I am and though it breaks my heart every time, my playful approach allows me to suck back the tears and keep pushing forward till something I say triggers a memory. I am blessed that she has always been a part of my life so she does recall a lot of our time together once her mind cooperates with her.

I bring this up because we as adults sometimes lose sight of our youth. We get wrapped up in daily life. Poor life choices, negative work conditions, bad relationships, poor health situations and so forth. We tend to forget to look at the positives that are happening right around us.

Life is about choices. When something isn't working change it. We don’t have to suffer, in anything we do. What we do have to do is use our options.

My grandmother’s life is a lesson to me because I don’t want to get older and not have been enjoying life. I don’t want to get older and wonder how come I didn't do. I don’t want to get older and be waiting to die.

On behave of my grandmother I will continue to laugh louder, eat smarter, play more often, love deeper and live stronger and with more passion. I will continue to appreciate the fact I always have a choice. I always have an option. I choose to be living a life that is stress free. I choose to be FOREVER YOUNG.

Btw…when I left I left her in her lounge chair laughing :)

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