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We aren't born with all our wisdom and knowledge; let alone how to be good parents.

I always make it a point to emphasize GOOD parent because the reality is anyone can be A parent.

To become a good parent or even a great one takes several things. One of them is the knowledge and experience of others.
But just how much is too much?
To what extent do we carry that belief and practice?

The saying goes it “takes a village to raise a child”. I myself believe to some degree in that but I also believe in many other factors.

Take all the good things you received from your family that worked. Not the ones that are passed down just because they are habits, but the ones that add to life and add to living in happiness.
Take what you saw in your friends’ families that allowed them to grow strong and healthy as a unit.
Take what you have read and will continue to read and break it down into categories of yes, no and maybe.
Take what you see in the streets, what you have watched on television and what you have observed in Life.

Finally sit still and grasp all that information, process it, filter it, accept it with all that it was given.

Add your beliefs, your rules, your goals, your desires, your hopes and all your love, lots of prayers, patience and laughter.

That will be your village.

What else do you think should be added to the Village?

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