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It’s never too late…until it IS

Have you ever been in conversation with someone and the topic of something you have wanted to do for the longest comes up and they say “oh it’s never too late”?

We spend so much time pushing things aside for later that we don’t realize the time we’ve wasted.  We always seem to think we have tomorrow, but sometimes we really don’t. Time waits for no one. We need to learn to invest our time wisely.

Procrastination is a terrible trait.

We as adults and especially as parents need to learn to remove this from our daily lives. We need to stop saying things like “oh I will do that tomorrow or things will get better in time or that can wait till later”.

Planning is wonderful; dreams are great but these things mean nothing without execution.

Today is the start of a New Year. Go out and start the ball rolling before it is TOO LATE.


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