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Fathers and Daughters

I am my father's only daughter. I have three brothers. My father tried to teach his very stubborn daughter to take things easy and to be nice and respectful and to listen.

My father tried to teach his very stubborn daughter patience. My father tried to teach his very stubborn daughter that her mom was just trying to do her best.

Looking back now it must have been a very difficult thing to do when you are dealing with a teenager that thinks they know it all. It could not have been easy for him to try to get through to me but he never stopped.

I have my father's complexion, his smile, his hair and when I stop and look at times even his mannerisms.
It is so funny how true the comments about Mothers and Sons and Fathers and Daughters can be.

Today I appreciate his words and his time and his smile. Today I appreciate all those great meals he cooked for me and all those great breakfast drinks he use to make from fresh fruits. Today I appreciate all those great talks, while I sat around and visited with him at his job.

In my home there is a phrase and its called "being a Fermin". It is my ex's family name. It is used whenever a gesture, action, comment or approach is taken. It has been said for the past almost nineteen (19) years. My daughter is her father's child in every sense of the word.
From the tips of her toes to the top of her head. From her words, to her interest, to her approach on life.

The reality of it is I wouldn't have it any other way because "being a Fermin" is pretty darn great!!

For all of us who have had great father moments and have great father memories, this is a sweet post.
For those of us who have not it can be sad or upsetting. I don't want it to be just one or the other. I want it to be a chance to perhaps build these moments with that special man whom you have always admired, whom you have fallen in love with and envision having children with if this is your second time around or have your significant other already be building these moments or bring it to his attention.
Remember, family is what you make it. It is not always about blood relation.

Sometimes not enough praise is expressed when it comes to fathers. I know quite a few who are doing amazing jobs with their girls and their boys. Whether single, separated, married, or divorced I appreciate the awesome things they do every day.

So here is a Thank You to you! Hope you enjoy xoxo


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