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Adventure to Fitness Giveaway!!!!

Attention all Mommies & Daddies, I have a great treat for you.

I am very particular about what I share as far as tools for stress free parenting but I think you will find this tool a great enjoyable treat.

Zach over at Adventures in Fitness is offering my followers and even those who just pop in every now and then a FREE 6 MONTHS membership to adventuretofitness.com
This is a children's educational fitness program, the prize is valued at $60.00 per membership.

Some of their key features are:
- Interactive Fitness: Short, engaging 30-minute videos and activities to encourage kids to exercise while learning important health facts
- Education: Each “Adventure” integrates academic material including math, science, social studies, language arts, and history
- Kid-Friendly Recipes: Healthy recipes to ensure that kids are getting the nutrition they need to stay fit

I myself went on there page to test it out, had a blast. Also shared it with a friend and her six (6) year old they loved it.

Here is all you have to do...

-comment on this post and how you would best use Adventures in Fitness. Would you incorporate it in your daily routine with the kids, would it be the kick you needed to get the kids away from video games and regular tv watching, would you give it as a gift to someone else who needs the motivation?

The best response will win! Simple as that.

So go take a look, let me know what you think. Have some fun and most of all...

Best of luck :)


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