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Boys go through this too

What to expect puberty pamphlets, websites that offer guidance, countless places to turn to when looking for help, automatically assumed this is part of the package. All this is catering to our girls self esteem issues but what about our boys?

It is expected that at some point in time all females regardless of age will go through some sort of slump when it comes to self esteem issues. Magazines tell us so, talk shows cater to it, pediatricians comment on the matter, females talk among themselves.

What we hardly hear about to same degree is the male experience and what is available for them to use to cope and help along this same difficult path. Is it that society does not feel or is accepting that males suffer from this as well?

Right around the sixth or seventh grade when during gym class the words body mass index begin to be used it is not only the girls who start to panic but the boys do as well.
No one likes to be sized up or told what is the ideal this or that...no one.

Just like girls, boys are equally concerned with their appearance. Their hair, their skin, their height and yes their weight.
No one wants to deal with pimples, no one wants to be the shortest on the team, no one wants to be told they are cute because they are "chubby" and remind them of a lovable Teddy Bear.

Males should never be labeled too sensitive because they are going through an emotional stage in their growth. There will be plenty of moments in their lives to so call "man up". If the older males in their lives are not being helpful then it is up to the females to step in and offer suggestions and advise.

It doesn't make you any less of a male to show concern for your looks and appearance. It doesn't make you any less of a male to doubt that you are good enough to date that girl. It doesn't make you any less of a male to be comfortable with emotions and sensitivity.

I'd think I would much prefer to raise a well adjusted man. Someone who is strong in character and in principles and who has empathy for other's short comings. Someone who can change a light bulb and make me dinner. Someone who can provide for any and all needs when it comes to his family.

The way we make this happen is to address any and all issues as they come up, with the same love and kindness we do with our daughters. Anything less and we will have raised a potential jerk.
Don't take self esteem issues in your boys lightly. Communication. Respect. Empathy.

Listen and guide them to the best solutions you can provide just as you would your girls.

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