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Daddy I need to go Potty dilemma

I always love my conversations with my male BFF. He makes me think of things that either I have never really paid mind to or never thought of... period.

In one such conversation he bought up his touchy journey through Potty time with his little girl while out in public. He presented me with the question of what I thought would be best way to handle it. At which point I was really out of words because I had never even thought of that.
Mind you I am sure my ex went through it as have my brothers and any other male I have come across that has a little girl in his life.

I guess perhaps because l am a mother and automatically feel where I go my child can go I never imagined it would be any different for a dad but it clearly is. Especially bathroom time with small children.

So after a few laughs and sharing the types of ways he has handled it, I stopped and placed myself in his shoes and gave some thought to his dilemma.

Again clearly we females don't care what others in the bathroom will think and we will bring our sons in with us regardless. Especially if we are not accompanied by a male at the time.
But in my BFF bringing this to my attention I have come up with some sort of guideline that I think could be helpful. Let's see what you think.

While in public, Daddies if you are out with your little lady or ladies here is what I suggest:
1- from birth till about diaper run is close to over  (which should be no longer than Two) change them in the back seat of your car. Please make sure you have all the necessary tools to handle this swiftly and with care.
2- age two through five and this is one of the things my BFF said he has done, stop males at the door explain your daughter is using the bathroom and you need a few minutes. This in general shouldn't be a problem but as he also commented it would depend on how big a bathroom and venue. He said he usually tries to find a stall that is for single use. I say we work with what we have and communication will be our greatest tool.
After hearing a few of his choices I stayed with the one where I stand at the door and play guard. I chose this one only because when a girl has to go a girl has to go.
3- by age six (self wiping should be much better by now) you should have her go into women's bathroom and perhaps ask someone who looks helpful to just guide her in for you while you stand and wait outside the door. Every so often yelling in asking if all is ok.

Never, feel embarrassed or think twice about being vocal when it comes to your children. We as woman should understand and respect that you are standing by the doorway for a reason.

We commented on experiences where we have seen the dad take his little girl in the bathroom with him but concluded that because of the male set up it really just isn't the best choice. Granted sometimes there are little options but as I said I chose the one where I stand guard at the door and allow no one in till my little girl is done.

I want to hear your suggestions and I want you to share your experiences. Ask the males in your life what they have done or would do. And....I would love to hear from the daddies directly and see how they handled or would handle this daddy moment :)

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