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Married or Single?

Another day in which I encounter someone who apparently lives in the fifties. Or maybe I shouldn't label it as that specific time in history but instead just say someone with a very old school mindset.

I am aware of course of the male and female differences. I am aware of the so called "idea'' of who is superior and the reasoning behind the why.
Any given day I can be totally open and respectful but that can turn to bare tolerance when it comes to certain use of words, especially in the topic of ways it is better to be married and / or to have a man in my life.

I try to keep in mind I am perhaps a bit more accepting of all the options life has to offer. That I am a child of the seventies and perhaps a bit rebellious when it has come to who I am, what I am suppose to do and what my role as woman is suppose to mean.
With that I say, don't push your life and your choices on me...please.

Where is it written is a poor choice of words because some would refer me to a Bible or other religious based book; that I am suppose to get married or be married to have a child? That a piece of paper will make my approach to motherhood or parenting any different then the woman who has one?
Really? Why?

It is offensive enough when I have heard this from men, but when I hear it from a woman it really tests my meditation practice.
I try to keep in perspective that we have lived very different lives.

I have been in both a loving, committed relationship and I know what its like to be single. I am the same mother today that I have always been.
One that is nurturing, protective, loving, teaching, helpful and kind. One that disciplines, supports, encourages and provides shelter.
One that cheers at games, helps with studies, slips a $20 here and there just in case and one that has "the talk" all the time, anytime.

Certain things may have to be adjusted but being a good mother (or father I am just focusing on my experience at the moment) does not change with the amount of people in your household.

I am sure that had certain things been more socially accepted in the past many lives today would have taken different roads.

Married or Single, Gay or Straight, Better or Worse...labels labels labels!

I have met some pretty messed up kids who've come out of a two (2) parent home and I have met some awesome kids who've come out of single parent homes and vice verse. Every life is different, every family is a choice, let's learn to respect one another.

Parenting is both a joy and a responsibility period, nothing else matters. Let us learn to be encouraging of that journey because its already tough enough.

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