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Teenager's room, the Risk you take...

Oh how wonderful it is when our babies are just that...wonderful babies.

We do just about everything for them and then one day we wake up and they are Teenagers.

No longer do they need you to hold their hand to cross the street or for you to prepare their lunch.
You are no longer required to choose their outfits, their haircuts or even their social activities.

Their clothing attire my now require a bra, boxer briefs, boy short panties or any other undergarment to their liking that is no longer Fruit of the Loom brand with Spider-Man or Cinderella characters on them.

Among the many visible changes their will also be plenty other changes not so visible. Some of these will take place in their rooms. Their very own personal space, one they feel you should respect at all times. And indeed you should, here's why.

Upon entering such room, depending on the age you may find aside from school books on the floor, jackets on the bed, cups on the desk...
-crumbled up undergarments
-stained bedsheets
-racy reading materials
-toys that don't look like their other toys AND the big one to some...
-porn magazines

Yes, this is normal. 
This is all part of growing up and exploring our bodies and our sexuality. During these years we as parents should learn to...
-knock on doors
-let them clean up their own rooms
-respect the "locked doors" again by knocking
-have already established rules, regulations, expectations and open lines of communication

This is a very trying time all around, not one to make jokes about or to become a strict ruler for but instead to transition into a more respectful, more mature place, space and time. Communication. 

There is nothing wrong with exploration. We should not shame our kids for looking at a magazine or being curious about their bodies. They should not feel shame their bodies and minds are feeling certain things. As parents our responsibility is guidance, education and love. If we establish a strong line of communication when they are our babies by the time they are teenagers it will be smooth sailing. 

Certain risks are worth taking...some not so much. What do you think?

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