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The Price we pay

Why do people treat items at a lower price point with less respect than items at higher price points? Bloomingdales vs Mandees.

This is what a typical conversation with my daughter is like.

The entry to this post were her words as I noted them down.

It stems from her working experience at Aldo's shoes. She has been working for that company for almost three (3) years. The youngest sales person ever hired sixteen (16) years old at the time.

Her work stories amaze me and I don't believe I would have tolerated some of the poor behavior she has had to deal with over the years. From Spring sales to Black Friday's.

She shares how the sales people are treated, how customers speak to them, how the merchandise is treated and different issues that come up during opening and closing times.

The pushing and shoving during sales and the circus that is Black Friday.

Which led us to start to throw out names and see what we came up with.

-Macy's hot mess depending on time of year, event and location
-Lord & Taylor easy breezy
-Toys R Us chaos on a bad day, confusion on a good
-Bloomigdales a place for everything, everything in its place
-Mandees you hope the correct shoe size, is in correct box
-Prada shop at your leisure, no need to pounce on you as you walk through the door
-Old Navy hope you don't trip and fall over the sales items, that happen to be all over the floor.
-Coach "oh did you have a nice shopping experience?"
-Aldo's "we have a great bag to go with the shoes, you must really check it out"

The names went on for a minute but these were just a few that stuck in my mind. We laughed about how you would never see someone run into Chanel two (2) minutes before closing and ask the sales person to ring this up real quick but you will see someone do that at lets say Strawberry.

I bought it all down to one word...Value.

The thought process we use and our conditioning over the years to think that a label or price range somehow makes an item better or worse. That it may even be acceptable behavior to treat and speak to people differently because of the setting you may find them in.

Granted there will always be some difference in the quality you encounter but it doesn't mean better or worse, just different.
Chalk it up to preference, budget, opportunity or options. Don't judge it simply because its a sale item, in a particular store or a particular price range.

This can translate to anything in life.

We must teach our children to value all things equally. To respect differences and to exercise their right to options.

What lessons have you learned about value? What else can we do to teach value?

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