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Happy Easter

Keeping things light...

Today means many things to many people remembrance, celebration, observation, reflection and so forth.

With respect to all that and more since I did grow up with many religious influences, I want to share another great reason this day means so much to me.

Easter Sunday never falls on the same date but obviously on the same day of the week every year.

Nineteen (19) years ago on an Easter Sunday the love of my life was born. Guess that was my special treat!

Every year from that moment on I buy her a new bunny and some sweets. If you read my post "Oops, did I Create that?" picture nineteen (19) years worth of stuffed bunny animals. I didn't take them all down from their current storage spot because it was just too much to work with lol.

I will share the latest addition(s) to the family and a throwback picture of my lil mama dressed in observation of her special day. The new addition smells like actual chocolate!!!!

I will share that if I had to bring a deeper meaning to this day, more than the birth of my child (if anything could be deeper than that) it would be a celebration of life. Things and people die, bring about change and regrowth and with that we go and move forward to carry the lessons they left behind.

I take today to do all that and more with those that I hold dear to my heart.

Have a blessed day! Moderation on the sweets, be mindful, be loving always....stress free.


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