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Oops, did I Create that?

I knew I was the one who created this when...but first lets back track.

By the time my daughter was born she already had a drawer full of at least a months worth of socks. That also went for pj's, t-shirts and outfits just to name a few things . As most parents do we started to prepare early and stock up on certain things you can't ever have enough of, especially when it comes to little ones.

As time went on when ever I would go to a store and they had socks I would always pick up a few for her. You know the cute ones with bows or little pom poms? The different colors or patterns. The ones with different characters?

Well almost nineteen (19) years later things really haven't changed much and this is what has happened. To the point where she will now go out and spend $20.00 on One pair of socks.

I find this to be a cute story even funny at times but it just goes to show you how we as parents sometimes do create "a monster" for lack of a better word.
My lil mama is proud of her "sock game" as she calls it. Says she enjoys the variety and extra charm a nice pair of socks can add to her outfit.
Boy am I glad it's just socks and not something more costly like her mothers love for handbags and perfumes.

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