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Over Dressed

This is a post for those parents, especially the so called girlie moms who think it is cute for their daughters to go to the park in a dress.

I have nothing against a dress, a skirt or any other item of clothing labeled for a "girl", I have a problem with the concept of time and place for dress up.

Let's for a second think outside the box, outside of what you find cute and acceptable and consider your child's feelings and thoughts.

Have you ever tried running around in your heels? Have you run up the stairs in your skirt? Do you exercise in your pantyhose? Probably NO, NO and NO, so why would you do this to your daughter?

Playtime means time to run freely, to climb, to crawl, to spill, to jump, to splash etc...
It's not that girls can't be as athletic as boys, it's that girls aren't dressed properly to be able to keep up or even compete with them.

Think about this next time your going to the park or someplace fun that doesn't require your daughter to be dressed to the nines.
This can well be said for some boys too, I mean what little boy needs a vest and bow tie to go down a slide?

Food for thought...if you are at an event that does require dress up attire, why not pack extra set of clothes keep it in the car and have them change in restroom or in back seat before you get to the park?

What do you think? Is the only way for our little girls to be little girls expressed through a dress?

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