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Tune out the Crap

This was suppose to be my post for Wednesday, somehow it didn't go through, regardless I think it still can be useful...

Today's post will be slightly brief, or at least brief for me. Why? Well today is my daughter's nineteenth (19) Birth Day. I choose to invest my time today on her, on me, on us.

I will though leave you with some food for thought.

Why are so many mom's blogging about celebrities and their lives, their adventures or their misfortunes?

Why are so many moms period in the grocery store, in the park, in the Salon or in their homes fixated on conversations on people that have no idea they exist?

For those who complain or whine about not having time, of course you don't because you are too busy wasting time on someone else's crap.

Put down that magazine, get off the gossip sites, turn off the television.

Invest your time on you.

Our thoughts are what make us, build us, guide us into becoming something or someone greater. They allow dreams to come true, life to be lived to its full potential if we allow it.
Thoughts especially positive ones help us to heal, to learn, to accept and to change.

When you sit around and dwell in someone else's space you are neglecting your own.

Go out and make today an amazing day about you and those you love.

As always stress free living while I actually Live Love & Laugh xoxo

I have these two (2) books in my library, excellent reads and time well invested in myself, maybe you can pick up a great book too!!!

What do you think?

Happy Easter

Oops, did I Create that?