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What it means to Be...

This is one topic I have very strong feelings about but I am always respectful (as best I can be), all my Yoga and Meditation hasn't brought me full circle yet. Which I am totally fine with because to me being passionate about something brings about tons of conversations which can open doors to continuous growth.

My topic is Masculinity and Femininity.

I always keep things equal when it comes to my belief in raising children. I am not a fan of separation of rules or privileges.

The basics are:
-grow breasts
-have a vagina
-during puberty begin to menstruate

-have a penis
-during puberty go through voice change

After this I drew a blank lol. I mean when we are born unless you SEE the physical difference, how else can you tell?
We all have ten fingers and toes, pair of ears, a nose, a mouth, pair of arms and legs, an ass (yes I said that) and well you get the picture.
Of course you throw in physical built and emotions but in the grand scheme...at birth we are all the same.

So this masculine and feminine thing then comes from what? Teachings, Environment, Nature, Emotions or Thoughts?

Does it make you any less of a male to not play or even like sports? Is a female always suppose to like to play dress up and wear makeup?
Must all males be able to fix things and like a not so well kept room?Are females really always emotional about everything? Is being a male a pass to having more than one person in their life at a time and why are females sluts if they do the same?
Are males really better leaders? Do all females want to have babies?
So many questions, so many ways to answer.

My daughter commented to me the other day in a sharing our day moment about how grateful she was that her father and I raised her in a non gender stereo type box. That she is grateful she has had all the same opportunities that the boys around her have and had. That she appreciates having so may experiences whether it was with choices in her clothing or in her toys or in the sports she played.
That she feels blessed because now at almost nineteen (19) years old her life opportunities are endless.

I have said this many times before...let children be children. Let them explore your daughter playing with those legos can sharpen those skills for her to become a great Architect, and your son playing with her kitchen set can bring forth the next Wolfgang Puck or Emeril.

Stress free parenting!





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