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Who is really paying attention?

I will try to keep my uneasiness in check.

A few weeks ago while having breakfast my daughter and I heard a news report about the changes to the SAT's coming 2016.

I will say that my daughter is very vocal about the United States as it is but when I tell you she jumped off her seat and was yelling at the television, I am still not doing her reaction justice. Nor am I when I say that I was in sheer disbelief about what I was hearing as well.

My first thought was..."so we are dumbing down the test, instead of  restructuring our educational system so that the kids are learning more and perhaps better and are much better equipped to take these test".
Then my daughter chimed in and commented on the changes to essay and vocabulary. Stating that as is kids are not using their writing and vocabulary skills to full potential.

As a parent of a child that has been fortunate enough to have be exposed to some amazing teachers throughout her school years and to have had the opportunity to attend regular public school, charter school, magnet school and specialized High School at different points in her academic life I have to say that our education system as a whole SUCKS.

I have experienced a variety of teaching styles, school environments and system expectations as a whole and I will say that if you are not a parent that speaks up on your child's behalf, if you are not on top of your child's education and if you do not instill in your child the love and respect for learning and when to speak up when they feel they are being short changed, then your child will surely fall through the cracks and be on the road to failure.

Gone are the days of teacher knows best, if you are lucky that teacher is there because they want to make a differance in children's lives and have a part in building a better, stronger future not because they belong to a Union and get summers off.

This is not to say that there are not some wonderful teachers because there are but we also have to accept that our system has some pretty rotten ones as well. Also that our system does not help those wonderful teachers do their jobs and have support when needed.

Our educational system ranks indicate that, our graduation rates indicate that, our Science, Math and English rankings indicate that.

So if we adjust current testing style or styles because SAT's are not our only testing system, what else would be or should be adjusted?
Is it that we do not expect or should not expect our children to be fully capable to compete with other countries?

I live in New York City where some have issues with Charter school system when they clearly see amazing results simply because it is not part of the New York City Board of Education. I say if something is working let's have more of it and if what we already have isn't then let's break it down and rebuild again.

Our children really are our future, they are an investment in our future care system, security system, educational system so why not prepare them well so that we can be in good hands?
How can we be or truly become an amazing United States of America if some of our kids can't even read a book and summarize the content properly?

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