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Free New York City

I love my city, The Big Apple. Not really sure still after all these years why it's called that.

I am a New Yorker. I take pride in my birthplace, Brooklyn and I never get tired of the city life.

Though I live now in the borough of Queens there is never a shortage of things to do in my hometown but what there may be a shortage of is Funds.

City life is not cheap and if you have kids you find that out very quickly or your parents already taught you.

I am posting today some great info on how to enjoy my town and perhaps yours as well in a nutshell all inclusive of the five boroughs to some extent...for Free.

Let us begin with the parks:
-Central Park
-Bryant Park
-Astoria Park
-Flushing Meadows Corona Park
-McCarren Park
-Conference House Park
-Prospect Park

These are just a few I am including link to our Parks and Recreations site so you can explore all your options.
Some of these parks offer a variety of activities for a cost as well but if you pack a picnic lunch, prepare well with a few hearty snacks you can invest a few hours of great fun at a low cost.
My family and I love the park option when funds are low!

-American Museum of Natural History
-Brooklyn Museum
-Museum of the Moving Image

There is an abundance of Museums and a variety of artifacts in them so keep your eyes open for small spots that don't even resemble a museum setting.
Many offer free entry at specific times and days for example the Natural History museum is free its last hour and "suggested price" the rest of the time. The Moving Image museum is in Queens, New York and offers free entry 4-8pm on Fridays.

Animal attractions:
-Bronx Zoo
-Central Park Zoo
-Prospect Park Wildlife Center
-Staten Island Zoo

These are just a few the link I will share to parks department will have more info.

This is just a small dabble of what my city has to offer that is kid friendly but we also have Broadway shows that offer discount days and children specials.
We have our big toy store FAO Schwarz where the kids can play with all sorts of toys and if you can swing it afterwards, pick them up a small treat.
We have wonderful ice cream shops, skating rinks, bicycle paths, sports arenas and our wonderful amusement park in Coney Island, Brooklyn that has the great Cyclone.

The biggest treat of all is that you have a huge city just to walk around in. We have such a variety of neighborhoods from Spanish Harlem to Greenwich Village, from Little Russia to China Town from Williamsburg to Van Cortlandt. We have so many water views, so many hidden treasures all you have to do is invest the time and have the energy for the walk.

This is what my city has to offer, this is the way I go when I want to have fun but not break the bank. All cities offer amazing treats if you just do a little searching. Check local newsletters, library bulletin boards etc...to find great information.
Have fun exploring with the kids for free. Sit, listen and talk. Play games, throw the ball around, share lots of hugs and kisses. Read a great book.

Have a great Summer.


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