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El Senor Corona

Keeping it simple on this Father's Day.

This is a little share about my father.

My father's name is Adrian, he has four children I am the only girl.
He came to this country from the Dominican Republic when he was about 19 years old. Worked his butt off to provide for his family and build his dream home and his farm back in DR.
My father is a Latin John Wayne, he is most at home on his farm, riding his horses, rounding up and milking the cows all while carry his gun on a holster like the town sheriff.

I have many great memories of my father, don't get me wrong he is very much alive just not part of my life anymore. I am fine with that, some people you can love and respect from a distance because they aren't able to add anything to your life. I am big on sharing my personal space only with additions never subtractions.

So as I have commented in the past to some degree, the greatest lesson my father taught me was to "be nice".

I can hear him clear as day even at this moment our many talks and how those words were a staple in his speech. "Mari, be nice. Negra cojelo suave (take it easy, dark skin. Calling me dark or dark skin was and is a term of endearment not offensive as some deem it so).
I would be complaining about my mother and he would always tell me to be nice. To take things easy, to let some things go...

I must confess that I didn't listen to him or take his advice, not until many many years later.

Today I carry those speeches, those words that lesson. Finally I got it and finally I practice it.

What was he trying to teach me? Do you think I was a mean kid? I terrible teenager? Disrespectful to my parents? NO NO and NO, I was just a regular kid trying to find my way in life, trying to figure out who I was not what others thought I should be.

All this cowboy, my father was trying to teach me was patience.

I want to thank him and acknowledge putting it out in the universe that hey I got it!!
Patience brings many rewards, some you see and reap the rewards from and some are silent and unseen.
Patience and being nice is like water. Nourishing and cleansing and clear.

So on this day thank you Senor Corona for my existence and the priceless lesson. You gave me a gift that keeps on giving and something I can pay forward and reap the rewards from for my forever.

Happy Father's Day
 to all those awesome men
 who teach great lessons be it one or a hundred!!! 
Be it one day or everyday. 

Minimalism, interested yes or no?

These got me...