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MaMa I can read!!!

As an avid reader I can't tell you how much I looked forward to teaching my daughter how to read.

She had her own library early on so I looked forward to the day and days she could read on her own and out loud to others.

I wondered what would be the easiest approach, that would be fun and stress free. Something that could be accessed easily and possibly kept out at all times.

When teaching, routine and repetition is extremely important. Especially with little ones you have to be consistent and always follow up.

I started these lessons as soon as she could talk but perhaps got more specific in structure at age 2 1/2 to 3.
This is what I came up with and did.

-flash cards
-sticky notes
-sharpie pen/marker

So with these tools in hand I sat down and proceeded to write words on flash cards. Big and bold.
Simple one word on each card and taped it to subject.


You get the picture? These cards were all over my house, in the bathroom, on the fridge, in the bedrooms.
They were always visible and I was always pointing them out.

At night when I would read to her I would have a sticky notes pad with me so I could write words out as I read them so she could practice and feel she was reading to me too.
This was another great way for us to bond and enjoy each others company.

When her dad would play with her she would point out things and feel proud she new it's name.
When company came over she would walk them around to the notes taped on things.
Her rewards were simple, a hug, a kiss, extra play time or a treat. Animal crackers or extra play at bath time but we always made sure we told her why she was getting these things so she could match action to reaction.

An inexpensive method of teaching that brings a priceless reward!
What other methods can you think of to encourage and teach our little ones to read?

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