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Minimalism, interested yes or no?

By all accounts I pretty much figure out a way to get the things I want.

As I always say moderation, stress free and laugh love live.

If I see a Vase in a magazine and it costs $200.00 I research or figure out a way to get it for way less.
I love a great bargain, I love home good stores, I love eating out, I love going to the movies, I love discounts call me cheap if you wish but you are not getting my money just because.

I love pretty things, great quality my eyes and hands always pick out something awesome that so happens to have the biggest price tag. I have been this way for as long as I can remember.

This being said I am by no means a walking label nor is my home a picture from a magazine. I am not one of those people you see that look so put together they seem afraid to even eat a cookie and my home is not one where you are afraid to touch anything or even sit down.

My person, my home, my life is and says comfort. The words inviting and open are good too!

Lately I've been taking stock on my belongings, my wants, needs, must haves etc...
I've been looking around my home, my closets, my office, in my car and asking myself...
What do I really need to be happy? What am I missing? What "things" am I lacking in?
The pleasant answer was...nothing.

Yes of course I would love to add a handbag or two or three to my collection. Yes a newer model car would be sweet, a nice vacation on a Cruise ship would be awesome an extra day or two of someone else cooking for me would be fantastic but none of those things will make me happier than I already am because I am so happy and blessed already.

I was introduced to a website called Zen Habits about two years ago by one of my dearest friends. In conversation we were exchanging life events and he suggested I take a peek and see if anything there could add to journey I was about to start. Wow did it ever!

I have since taken away many lessons, tips, advice, thoughts. One of the things the writer Leo Babauta touches on is "how much do we really need to acquire to reach happiness".
When I sat in that question I decided to test myself and see what answer I came up with for me.

Minimalism = Simplicity

I am not going to jump in and get rid of all my nice things, I am not going to sacrifice style or live like a monk.
What I am going to do is stop adding to what I have already. I plan on not making any more material purchases such as clothes, shoes, housewares, accessories or furniture. Anything that is not something necessary for me to stay alive I am not adding for the remainder of this year. I am going to try to have my daughter join me to some degree in this challenge and see how it goes. Wish me luck, will be interesting indeed.

I always say we as parents have the responsibility, not their friends, not television, not magazines, not celebrities or commercials or even the internet. We are the guides to what our children learn is necessary in life.
We are the providers, if we show them that a room full of toys will make them happy and popular then that is what they will carry through life. If they hear mommy or daddy speaking about material things and connecting their worth to such they will in turn do the same.

I don't care about the price or label of the things you wear or have in your home. If you are an a**hole you are an a**hole regardless of what you have and I don't want to be around you period.
If your child has more toys, more clothes or a nice car to get to school I don't care, I care that he or she is polite, generous and productive. That he or she respects my child in return, always.

Could you go so called "without" for an extended period of time? What have you "gone without" and what did you learn?
Suggestions on how I can manage the next couple of months? Start a conversation, let me know your thoughts.
Always, stress free laugh love live!!!

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