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Going to the Park

Summertime is my favorite time!

Yes it's hot, it can be sticky but let's look at the bright side...

It takes you half the time to get dressed, daylight is much longer and as a mommy or daddy you get a break from homework duties I say thank heavens for that!!!

On my walk around the park the other afternoon I came across a struggling mom.
Struggling, because she had two kids, five bags and a carriage.
Wow, I had to stop and really look at her situation and said to myself...Why?

If you are going to the park isn't it suppose to be a fun event?
Isn't it suppose to be a time of relaxation and letting loose?
Why all the baggage?

I say less is more...again.

These are the things I consider a must to go and have a great time at the park with the little ones:
-extra set of clothes
-baby wipes
-book for mommy/daddy (depending on child's age)

Simple quick and easy. You even save on taking the toys if you go to the playground! Now when I say toys I don't mean their whole toy box.
As we all know our little ones get distracted easily so bring three options end of story.

Let them run around, that is what the park is for.
Have fun, be a kid yourself!!!

I walked around CVS the other day and came upon this section with some great treats and wanted to share how inexpensive and fun less is more can be.

I had to snap a quick pic so the clerk wouldn't get upset but in those bins I found water guns, water balloons, squishy balls, jump rope, playing cards etc etc
Very inexpensive, throw in a bag kind of fun.

Now enough of this writing, it's a gorgeous day out going to grab some sun and have some fun.
How will you be enjoying this summer day, will you be struggling with loads of things or will you be strolling through the park, hand and hand with your angels?

Always stress free xoxo

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