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My Juggling Act

Hello everyone, this is the latest I have ever posted on a Wednesday but I am literally going along with the flow of what is presented to me.

On Sunday with my Role Play post I shared with you guys what I am currently dealing with as far as my mother and her medical issues.
In the past with posts like Elder care I shared what it's like to deal with my 90 year old grandmother who has Alzheimer's disease.

With those two ladies and with my own life I feel like I am starring in my own mini circus as the Juggler.

My grandma will be switiching over to 24 hour care which will be a possible life saver and should in the long run ease my mind to some degree but because this change means new changes and adjustments the transition won't be so smooth.
It means having to figure out a way to tell someone who won't really remember moments later why her long time home attendants will no longer be around, it will mean me learning about all her medications, it will mean having to train and adjust to someone new in her house and pray they get along and things work out.
For now it will mean I have to be more hands on today so I can be less hands on tomorrow.

My mother is coming along, she was sent home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. She was sent home with tons of medication, new oxygen equipments and new rules and regulations to follow.
While in the hospital on my visit Saturday she already was being a pain about what she was and was not going to adjust to. That attitude right there said a lot to me and let me know I must to keep my sanity be supportive from a distance.
Like I have commented in the past my family and I are not very close and my sisters and I as a unit are a bit combustible.
Distance, respect and space is the best tool I can use to be able to work with this current situation.

I am grateful my daughter is of an age where I no longer have to be hands on and I am blessed that I am so organized that nothing throws a wrench of chaos my way matter what changes come.
I have added more Meditation time to my day just so that I can clear my head when the calls start coming in and I have decided to make a mini calendar for myself so that I break my day and days properly so that I can live and help these two women come along as best as I can.

I am all about stress free I refuse to allow any of these additions to my life to disrupt the life I have made for myself.
Caring, helping, assisting others shouldn't mean that our own lives go in the back burner or become neglected.

We, especially parents must take care of ourselves so that we may be able to take care of others.

For now I will make the most of my Juggling act and see what lessons I come away with that will add to my growth.

Please lets take care of our health so as we age we may do so with as little issues as possible.
Lets enjoy the life we are given, lets embrace change and options that will bring forth healthier futures.

Always stress free xo

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