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Not your Cup of Tea

Opinionated, Stubborn, Honest, Reliable, Loyal, Funny, Passionate and Loving.

These words I use to describe myself.

As July 2014 has been a trying month for me it has forced me to sit with myself and think out loud.
It has tested what I thought were pretty good plans, goals and attitude.

As my Blogging journey quickly approaches the much grateful year 1, I have come to clearly understand and slowly accept I am not everyone's Cup of Tea.

When I originally thought about sharing my parenting journey I was very excited and ready to go! I couldn't wait to touch on certain subjects or share the philosophies that had so clearly worked for me, my home, my family, my daughter.
I only saw the fun parts, I wasn't concerned with the possible negative comments and I certainly didn't care about monetary gain and to some degree still don't.
I wasn't prepared though for the slow process of growth and acceptance.

I wasn't prepared to accept that perhaps my laid back, care free, no drama, very little rules, very little craft skills was not going to be so inviting after all.
I don't go on rants about my life or use profanity to express my distaste of something or someone.
I don't complain daily, I am not a hater, I rarely touch on Fashion or Celebrities.
I can't even really pin point a downside to my 19 years of parenting except Potty Training and 19 years is a very long time in Mommywood.
I only have 1 child, I don't hate my ex's, I love my job, I don't diet, I enjoy minimal exercise and I love to eat!
I practice Yoga and Meditation, they are additions to my life that bring me peace and connect me to humanity and I prefer laughter to anything else and I believe there is a solution to any and every problem and I refuse to remain stuck.

Mind you that Blogging is filled with many many different styles and tastes, I am just highlighting a few that I have come across in Blog Mom sphere.

So what have I learned this year and why am I still here?

Well because being different is awesome. Not following the crowd is great. The women and men I have connected with have been wonderful blessings!
-I have learned how to make great new dishes, how to work with a glue gun properly, how to make my own natural face and body scrubs.
-I have learned about different cultures, I have traveled to places I may never see through the great picture shares of other mommies I follow.
-I have shared in some great First for many families, I have laughed a ton and shed few tears.
-I have been amazed at some stories and how with Faith and determination obstacles have been overcome.
-I have learned about Autism and the challenges it truly presents to each individual family.
-I have been made more aware about Sensitivity Disorders and what that exactly means.
-I live vicariously through some of these beautiful women's closets and fashion sense.
-I have learned that Mommy Blogging is filled with more good than bad so be grateful for variety and it's ok if you stop every now and then and read a rant or two.
-I have learned that all parents want the same end result...happy, healthy, loving children.
We may take different roads but we all want to get to the same place.

So I have decided to no longer concern myself with the quantity of followers I have but instead cherish, love, respect and enjoy the quality of followers I have.
No number can diminish the great life I have been blessed to travel or the countless hours of joy my daughter has bought me.
If Living in Mommywood can touch just one person, inspire that one hardheaded adult into seeing that change in attitude at any age is possible, teach one person that being a mom or a dad is not being a ruler but a guide and that communication is the door to a peaceful home and connection with our children then I have all the followers I will ever need.

No I am not everyone's Cup of Tea but I may be your Cup of Tea and I am grateful and pleased with that!!

Mommyhood has been good to me, it's taught me so many things about patience, love and acceptance.
It has taught me that we can plan and try to prepare as best we can but in the end kids have their own agendas so we have to roll with the punches.

Thanks for coming over to visit hope you stay but if you don't it's ok much love anyway...
Always stress free xoxo

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