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French Lessons

Thursday's treat!!!

Talk about aiming high and accountability!!!

About two years ago I set out to test myself and try new things. Those of you who follow me often have read some of my shares about the changes I have gone through in the last couple of years.
One of the many things that fascinate me in life and have always caught my attention is Languages.

The sounds, the origins, the writings. The history of language, how it's evolved and how amazing it is that the younger you are the easier it is for you to pick up more than one language.
As we get older our brains don't cooperate too much smh and it's just a little bit more difficult but not impossible.

On this quest to be fearless and try new things I decided to teach myself French, one of the 5 Romance languages. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian are the other 4. I already have Spanish down pat!!!
I didn't even know there were 5! I just wanted to be able to say I love you in French. What an added bonus to learn about the others and to realize I already knew one, go figure lol.

I began to think about what tools I wanted to use and of course me being all about stress free and doing my on thing I went the opposite direction of a classroom setting, of Rosetta stone or of listening to tapes.
I decided to teach myself by using beginner French children's books and Google Translate.

Here is a picture collage of me and a day in my lessons and the tools I use.

I started with basic words and phrases, using Word program to compile my 2 column mini flash cards.
One side English other side French. On the French side I would jot down notes or break down of the word as I heard it so that I can pronounce them better.
I did about 8 to 10 words per sheet, folded in half and cut them down to size.
I started by practicing every day but when I began to add more "fearless" challenges to my life I bought lessons down to twice a week.
Almost 2 years later I still add about 10 words or phrases a week and I still study twice a week. I have learned over 400 words and phrases and I have enjoyed every minute. 
I am especially proud when I hear someone speaking French and I can understand to some degree what they are saying!!!

This is an on going process for me, I am by no means ready to go to France alone or hold a full conversation but I am by far much more prepared than I was 2 years ago.
Which lets me know anything is possible if you are willing to try.
I can read it much more than I can speak it but I sure continue to enjoy trying.

Italian would have been a little easier of a choice being I can get some of the words because they sound Spanish but that would not have been fearless that would have been a short cut.

What have you done recently that was fearless and tested your comfort zone?
How as parents, can testing ourselves be great lessons for our children?

Always stress free xo

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