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Sweet Innocence

Throwback Thursday!!!

Challenge #9 of the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com.

I was asked to pick a picture and tell you all about it.

I picked this picture because I love that face.
That innocent no care in the world I am the s*** look on my face. Its not the perfect background or pose but its real and in the moment.

It was taken in the elevator of a building on 34th street in NYC, on a school day and we were cutting class.
I believe my girlfriend Cynthia took this picture.
We were seniors in H.S.
I was wearing my favorite color Red! It was a sweatshirt from my high school, Fashion Industries it was 1989 and I had on my door knockers and triple goose long trench coat which was the style then.
I had worked very hard to buy that coat so I took pride in wearing it.
I also carried which you can't see my portfolio with all my designs in them.

What I remember about this day is laughter and food.
Whenever we would cut class it was to go eat and go take a nap in Cynthia's house.
On this day we chose to go to Midtown because Lisette, another friend of ours had to go to Macy's to pick up something first. So we headed there, hit a few stores, goofed around, took pics then left to go eat and sleep.

Whenever I see this picture I smile. I feel I carry that young lady with me every day. I never feel she is gone or was tainted by life in any way. She was a dreamer, she was a fighter, she was very stubborn, she was determined, she was full of love she was and still is ME. Just a bit older, a lot wiser and less stubborn.

Innocence is priceless we should always hold on to a piece of that.
Always stress free xo

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