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Tacos de Camarones con Platano Amarillo (Shrimp Tacos with Yellow Plantains)

Thursday's treat!!!

When you find yellow platanos (plantains) in good shape and on sale at that you should I would even say you must grab them.
I have loved them since I was a kid and my daughter has followed right behind me.

I was in Brooklyn the other night on grandma duty when I picked up a few. When I got home lil mama was like "oh you must do something with them and that tortilla pack we have".
I was all for it because I knew it would be quick dinner and clean up.

-1 yellow plantain (large)
-shrimps peeled, pre-cooked and ready to go (amount depends on serving size and people)
-tortilla pack (soft or hard shell depends on texture you prefer)

In medium pot I added some water, a pinch of salt and about 16 large shrimps bought that to a boil.
As that was happening I sliced the plantain evenly into quarter size, 1/2 inch slices.
Used my small skillet added cooking oil and bought that to frying temp.
You must make sure oil is just right or the plantains will burn too quickly and not cook inside. You do not want that!
I usually test it by taking a plantain and dunking tip in oil if I hear the sizzle we ready to go lol.

Don't drop them in the oil either or you will splash yourself and that is not a good look. Place them evenly spaced, lower flame slightly and cook till they start to get some color. You want a nice toasty shade, crispy ends but not burnt.
Turn them over for a few more minutes, done. Turn off flame, remove them from skillet and place them on a plate with a paper towel to soak some of the excess oil.

I then turned toaster oven on and turned knob to bake.
I placed 2 tortillas in tray for a few minutes just enough to be warm and easy to manage.
After a few minutes I removed and started to build my Taco.

I kept mine simple with just the shrimps and plantains but lil mama went another route with hers.
I was too busy eating I forgot to take pics of her creation. She added avocado and balsamic vinegerette.

There you have it. Quick, simple and easy.
Not a lot of clean up and very filling.

You can try adding so many different things. I want to try making them with avocado, shredded cheese and cranberries!!!


Always stress free xo

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