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All wrapped up in Bow

All good things must come to and end and we are now at such point with challenge #15 on September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com

Challenge Wrap-Up! share what you have learned during challenge, who you connected with and overall experience with it.

This month has been lots of fun for sure. I've incorporated 2 events on my blog while still freestyle writing, tweeting, networking, working on my photography, holding things down and celebrating the national holiday which is called my Birth Day. This has been a great September for sure.

I want to thank Kimberly for having me over and allowing me to share in her own Birth Day celebrations.

I learned on this challenge that most people are more alike than different.
I learned we are all kids at heart to some degree, that we enjoy being goofy when we can.
I learned challenges don't all have to be serious.
I learned that looking back to see how far we've come is an awesome option to have.

I met a few new ladies with great blogs of their own, who share great information and treats. So I added some great new reads for sure.
This has been a great experience, thoughtful, eye opening and fun.

Glazed Tilapia & Mushrooms

Final week Guest Hosting Turn it Up Tuesday's 1st Anniversary Celebration!