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Do we know when to just...Shut Up?

I woke up this morning with the intention of not complaining. I am not a complainer on a regular but of course I have some moments in my day when I do suck my teeth.

As I am writing this my post yet has no title.

What I am about to write on is exactly the reason why I feel people are too busy with other people's business and not investing enough time on their own.
Society is filled more and more each day with people watchers and not enough doers.

How am I a good role model for my daughter if I invest my time not only observing the lives of others but also sitting down and commenting about them?
How do I live my best life when I am consumed with how another is living theirs?

I got to my office this morning, logged into my computer and one of the first things I see when my Yahoo news feed comes up is this headline "Angelina's wedding gown a gross display of parenting run amok".
I stop for a second was about to dismiss it but the use of the word gross caught my attention and I chose to continue to read.

Basically the article addresses someones non approval of Angelina Jolie's choice to use her children's art work on her Wedding gown.
Really? So not only did you not approve, but you felt as a fellow human being yes with the freedom to speak your mind, you chose to speak about this?

Not about the state of our education system, not about the state of nutrition in our schools, not about the senseless killings of our children by those who are suppose to be protecting us, not about tools on how to empower our youth, not about how to build a sense of community by teaching our kids to volunteer but instead about the choice a woman had about her special day.

I am shocked every day by the types of people I share my world with. Those that feel their opinion is the only opinion, that their truth is the only truth, that their idea of God is the only God or what God represents, that every thought they have should be spoken.

Today I am going to say please just shut up. Please take an extra second before you press send or open your mouth.
Mindfulness and Kindness. Treating others as we would like to be treated, what happened to that concept?

If on any given day of my life I choose to display anything that my child has done I will.
If I use it on my desk, on my fridge or on my personal item of clothing it is my choice to do so.
If I decide to get married tomorrow and have my daughter run the show for me...why do you care?
How is it hurting you? How have I lost control or over indulged my child because I chose to include them in this very personal process?

I can write about this for hours but I will stop here. I will include link to article and allow for your own observations and possible comments and shares here.

I am a woman, I am a mother, I am part of a bigger picture. My responsibility is to teach my daughter respect and love. To be independent and strong and compassionate. To lead, not follow but to also know when to be a team player. To have her own thoughts and choices and to be ok with having her wedding
day be whatever it will be for her if she so chooses to have one.

What are your thoughts? Lets have a chat?

Always stress free xo

This is a share of just a few of the pieces of artwork my Lil mama has left for me or given me over the years. They are proudly displayed all over my office and I dare anyone to tell me how and where I can use them.

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