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I would like to Spread the Word

I love to share great things.
Easy tips, tricks, treats etc...
If I can cut down the time on anything I need to do and use the rest on leisure you won me over.
Time for me is precious and valuable. I love to invest it doing things I love and bring me joy and peace, not drama, stress or a frown.

We are up to #8 on our September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com

Today' theme is...Pay it Forward

illustration by raynaberg.com

I love and follow so many blogs that picking only a handful to me is a bit trying.
Kimberly asked that I shout out 3/4 bloggers whose posts I enjoy, to share their info and tell you why I enjoy them.

After taking a hard look at my reading list I narrowed it down to these ladies in no particular order:

1- Antionette over @dedivahdeals she has an amazing shoe collection which I tell her I am going to raid all the time. She is at the age where many women begin to feel lost, have no sense of fun or adventure but my girl is the total opposite! She is full of spice and isn't afraid to show it or share it!!
Please go visit her and take a look for yourself.
2- Mai's mom over @thepinterestedparent that is how I address her because I mean, I am just crazy about her daughter Mai and all her adorable antics. I love the crafty shares and recipes and how easy they are to make. Go enjoy an afternoon with Mai, she is a ham!
3- Jenn over @eatcakefordinner I mean look at the name of her blog.That got me right there then I started getting her emails and I was hooked. I have a folder of must tries alone with all her yummy shares. If you have a sweet tooth go visit her and I promise she will have something you will love.
4- Kesha over @uncommonchick is my yes yes yes moments. Her philosophies are very uplifting. Who wants to be part of a crowd when you can be unique in your own right? That is exactly what I believe and want to share and embrace. To be happy in our own skin, to see beauty in our differences and to be open to all of life's wonder. Visit her and see that there is beauty in options and acceptance in self.

There are so many other mom's and dad's I follow I can really be here all day. But they know I value their contributions because I am mindful to leave a comment whenever I visit them.

Pay it forward is a great concept. When you know better you do better and you should share that knowledge so that others can grow as well.
Thanks Kimberly.

Always stress free xo

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