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Making room for Changes

Sugar & Spice & Everything nice.
This is the tag connected to girls from an old nursery rhyme.

I found it funny that this came to mind as I sat in my daughter's room over the weekend as she cleaned out her closet and toy chest.

A little back story my daughter is now 19 years old and a Sophomore in Baruch College in NYC.
She is not a baby anymore for sure but she is my baby.

So I sat there as we chatted, laughed and listened to music. She had commented earlier in the week that her room was too cluttered with stuff she had outgrown and needed to make some changes.
As I watched her take stuff out her toy chest and make piles and go into her closet and add to the piles I thought "Wow, some of this stuff is not sugar & spice or at least not by some definitions."

I realized that all these things and access to these things are the ingredients that have added to the young woman who is, my daughter.

It is a shame that we continue to allow society to dictate the categories we fall under.
What roles women are "suppose" to play and what men are "suppose" to do.
I have touched on this in the past with posts like boys-go-through-this-too and what-it-means-to-be and I always make mention of allowing kids to be kids and not boxing them in.

As I continued to watch and with every piece she was letting go of I was going down memory lane I embraced the continuing change in our lives. All the little things that had a part in building this person.
My little girl was letting go of:
-lego sets
-video games and consoles
-handheld electronic games
-Yu-Gi-Oh cards
-Razor scooter
-board games
-graphic T-Shirts
-Mattel toy cars
-bag of plastic bracelets
-RV mini race cars
-Sony psp and accessories
just to list a few.

illustration by dayofthegirlssummit.com

In those piles I didn't see many "girl" toys but I did see many happy memories. Many good times, lots of laughs, lots of lessons learned, lots of great family moments, lots of love.
I saw innocence, childhood, freedom.
So for my daughter, for our family and for me that indeed was Sugar & Spice & Everything nice.
We were raising a happy, well balanced, open minded human being. Not a wife or cook or librarian or teacher or waitress but a human being. Now, if she so chooses any of these roles for herself in the future than we will continue to be as supportive as we always have been. But she has choices.

What have your kids out grown and were they gender specific or just good ole let's have some fun toys?

Always stress free xo.

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