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Peppers stuffed w/ Mashed Potatoes & Tomatoes

Thursdays Treat!!!

Talk about flying by the seat of your pants.
I was so hungry on Monday when I left work but I knew I had to workout first before I ate dinner. While I was still in my office I started to think about what I could possibly make that would be under 45 minutes tops. I wanted to go for my walk after dinner as well and I didn't want major hassle in the kitchen.
I remembered I had bought some large peppers over the weekend while visiting my grandma in Brooklyn. I didn't want to stuff them with meat so I chose potatoes. I had also picked up 2 small plastic containers of red potatoes. I always find those boil faster than regular potatoes.

When I walked in my door I changed to my workout clothes and headed to the kitchen.

- 2 large Peppers
- dozen small red Potatoes
- 2 small tomatoes
- mayonnaise
- salt

I boiled the potatoes for about 20 minutes added pinch of salt to the water.
I cut the tops off the peppers and diced the tomatoes into small but biteable pieces.
Around 10 minutes in on the potatoes I put the peppers in my toaster oven for 20 minutes.

I checked on the peppers after 10 minutes because I wanted them toasty enough to be soft but still hold their shape and have a crunch.
Once my potatoes were soft enough to mash, 20 minutes worked great, I removed from stovetop dumped the water and added 3 tablespoons of mayo. I love mayo so 3 for me was actually too little but I compromised for my Lil Mama. I mashed up the potatoes making sure the mayo was well blended in then I added the pieces of tomatoes and set aside.
I took the peppers out the toaster oven, let cool for a few seconds then grabbed with a paper towel and with a spoon began to stuff away.

This whole process took me 35 minutes start to serve. I got my workout in as it cooked and when I was done shortly after dinner was done as well. I must say delish!!! I served it for myself with some lettuce and splash of balsamic vinaigrette.

My daughter ate afterwards and gave me 2 thumbs up. We both agreed next round we would try adding some cheese and cranberries in place of tomatoes or avocado and cranberries. Great thing about cooking is you can think outside the box and create just about anything.
I left her enjoying my treat and went for my long walk, ah what a great evening!

Always stress free xo.

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