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Some things in Hindsight aren't so Cute

Let me begin by expressing that I do respect the idea, the emotion and the right to engage in the following act, but that as a very private person and as a mom it is not one that I see necessary or that I would myself do.

Sharing pictures of my child or my children sitting in the potty.

illustration by randonwire.com

I have come across several of such pictures in the last few weeks and I had much to say each and every time.

There is nothing wrong with documenting this big step in our children's lives. There is much to be proud of in this journey. It is a big step indeed, but I don't need and the world doesn't need to see your child or mine with their undies down to their ankles sitting in front of the television or in the kitchen or any where else for that matter.

How would you like to be sitting on the toilet and someone take a picture of you?
How would you like to have your name googled and Potty pictures come up?

Potty training is private. Let me just say that the potty in the Living room or Kitchen is gross and I can't wrap my head around that!
Who wants to go to the bathroom in the middle of everything and everyone?
If I knew someone personally that was doing this I would think twice about going to their home and forget about eating there.
I don't care how clean you are or what you have going on in your life.
Potty training should take place in the BATHROOM.

Seriously, how much time and effort does it take to walk to the bathroom in your home?
If you don't have the time or energy to invest in Potty training then wait till you do.
There will be accidents, there will be bad days, there will be good days but they should all take place with the goal being your child using the BATHROOM.
Not the Living room, not the a Kitchen not any other room but the BATHROOM.

If your Potty training more than one child at a time, set it up accordingly and give yourself some extra time to give each one attention? Will they really be pooping or peering at the exact same time, minute, second? I don't think so.

If you want to share pictures, share them next to potty or holding up big kid undies or even in their undies but NOT on the Potty. Save those for yourself and your family if you must.
Yes they may be smiling for the camera, they may be excited and just as happy as you are TODAY but tomorrow and a few years down the line they may not.
They don't know any better they are following your lead but you do. You are the grown up.

I am embarrassed for them and they aren't even my kids but I know for sure I would never embarrass my daughter in that way nor have I ever till this day 19 years later. I still ask her permission out of respect when I share a picture or anything related to her on my blog. This is my journey, she didn't sign up for her privacy to be disrespected.
Toddlers are entitled to their privacy as well.

Next time you are ready to snap that picture stop and think...

Would I want a picture of me like that to be seen?
Will my son/daughter be proud to see themselves in this picture x years from now?

Something to think about? What do you have to say? So what snap the picture and share or hold up wait a minute?

Always stress free xo

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