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Tame my Curly Hair please!

This is a subject I know tons about and got through with little to no stress, why? Well because I learned from my mother's mistakes.

Managing my daughters soft, full, thick and curly hair.

Hair is always such a stressful thing to work with.

I was looking through some old pictures and decided to share a list of all the tools I used to get my mornings off right, stress free and fun when I did my daughter's hair.
No tears, no struggles, no fears.

-goody Hair accessories
-Johnson and Johnson baby hair products (no more tears line
-the right hair type brush!!!
-Milta de Perales hair products.
-Aciete Romero (Rosemary Oil)
-variety of hair ties
-Queen Helene hair gel products (pinks the best for stronger longer hold)

Today my daughter ops to style her hair in its natural state of curliness so her best friend is the blow dryer w/ diffuser and Queen Helene hard to hold pink gel . She applies treatment on her hair at least once a month be it Cholesterol or Avocado and she only uses hair ties that are rubber all around no metal pieces because they cause tearing of hair.

Sometimes I miss those days of doing her hair but I sure am glad that she has continued to use products that are stress free, damage free and fun.
There are many great products out there for curly hair and you don't need to break the bank. Try Queen Helene's line or Carol's Daughter or go online for more options.

Curly hair is a challenge but its not something that should cause stress.Yes it requires a little extra time but all worth while things do.

So go, grab the right tools and get to work. You will see that it will change your attitude and save you loads of time for sure.

What tools do you or have you used to Tame Curly hair?

Always stress free xo

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