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Ah yes, it's finally Bedtime...revisited

I am touching on bedtime again because no one can or should mess with my sleep just joking (but not really).

We always hear about studies showing the importance of a good nights rest and sleep.
How we prepare for that is and can be a challenge for parents, especially of little ones.
As bedtime approaches for some it can become a time of torture or a time for relaxation.

I pretty much stick to a routine and now that my daughter is older she has her own routine. One thing that hasn't changed is our saying goodnight to one another and investing a few minutes tucking one another in depending on who is the last to shut the lights off.
Tucking in can vary with age but it can be a great closing day moment for all.

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Let's revisit my old post:

You had a long day at work or you have spent your day home with the kid’s one task after another and when 7:30 rolls around all you want to do is say goodnight and have some alone time. But your little one has a different idea. He or she wants you to sit with them. Wants you to sing one more song or read just one more story please please please mommy you hear.

This is how I navigated that ship.

I started by setting a specific bedtime. No excuses no fuss. My daughter and I would begin to get her bed ready about 20 minutes to half hour before bed. Get book or song together for the night. This would also be the winding down time no more TV, no more food, drinks etc... Once this was all set, I would tuck her in, settle myself for a song or a story, lay next to her and proceed with our quality bedtime wrap up. Once I was done, we would say good night and share few hugs and kisses, I would dim the lights and put the radio on to a lite station with calming music and that would be that.

This routine has lasted well over fifteen years. Give or take few tweaks and amendments with age of course.
Now on the nights it didn't go as smoothly due to a cold or bad dream or potty break I would go back in reinforce with a few more kisses and leave quickly again. You cannot engage in long chatter or indulge in their whimpering because if you do, the night will never wrap up.

What is your bedtime routine? Any other tricks to share? How do you put a close to your day?

Always stress free xo.

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