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So what you're saying is...I really Don't have the Right to Die?

Hello my sweets, this won't be much of a long post but it will be a bold post.

This is me urging you as a mother or father to do the right thing, the loving thing and work on your wills and know the laws in your state.

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No parent or young parent at that wants to think about or even discuss death but it is real and we must  do the responsible thing and prepare as best we can for it.

I have I believe made comments in the past about how horrified my mother was when I took out life insurance for my daughter about a year or so after she was born. Around the same time I did the same for her father and myself.
Having my daughter made me realize and wake up to how precious life can be and how quickly it can also go away.

The idea of mourning and collecting money for a funeral was not an option I ever wanted to be faced with.
This same thought applied when I had my Will drawn several years ago.

Let your wishes be known. Discuss these things early and often enough so the discomfort goes away and so that with your family unit changes you can make adjustments.

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I am touching on this today because of this article I came across a few days ago.
This woman and her family had to move to another state after she became ill and was dying. She wanted to have the right to die with dignity and in her terms and her state didn't allow for those options.
I learned some new things I wasn't aware of about our government and our right to die.

I am always ticked off at how much control others want to have on my life and my family structure.
Be informed and start a conversation.
Ask questions don't go through life blindly following things and rules just because they have been around for ever. Times change...adjust with them. Do what is best for your family.
Knowledge is power.

Here is link to the story, go take a look. What do you think about her request, her options and what is indeed provided?

And please lets not grab on to religion. No disrespect to anyone or any group. I am a very spiritual human being. I believe that there is no way the higher power would want me to suffer and have my family watch me suffer if I could have other options. That is just me. Spread love and respect.

Always stress free xo.